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 GETTING                                             STARTED




How do i signup for my 1 week free trial?



You can call us at 647 210 8727 or email and let us know when you are planning to come in.



what should i expect in the first class?

Our classes run from 60 to 90 minute long. The first 30-45min is dedicated to cardio and strength conditioning.Skipping/running pushups, situps, squats, and even chin-ups! and and  The second part of the class i will take the time to introduce you to the basics of muay thai. Our stance, how to walk balance correctly,posture,basic punchs, and kicks. We believe in muay thai the Importance  of a strong body, good caracter and a sharp mind. Muay thai classes are fun and challenging.  I urge my new students to always do their best ​and finish what they can do.

What should I wear to my first muay thai class?


A Pair of shorts and t shirt. Try not to wear something too loose fitting. Something you will feel comfortable sweating in. Bring a bottle of water, maybe a towel and a good attitude. We do go barefoot in our classes but we also go for runs outside first thing if weather permits, so have a pair of runners kept handy. Hand wraps, skipping rope, and bag gloves are good to have as well. If you do not already own these, we can lend you pair of ours for the first week. We also have a pro shop where you can buy or order equipment for all your training needs

       SHORTS       TOWEL       HANDWRAPS           SKIPPING ROPE

       SHIRT        WATER       RUNNING SHOES       BAG GLOVES



What if Im really out of shape?

No problem!  Everyone starts their journey somewhere and we are here and happy  to guide your travel  at your own pace. We understand that fitness is a progression and with some hard work and dedication we can't wait to see your fitness goals being achieved.

How often should i train a week?

3 days a week is a great start.  Giving your body a couple of days to rest can help you adjust to the new exercises and movements in our workouts.



I Love Muay Thai already, might as ell get it now!"


Now i usually recommend if you are willing to invest in a good all around glove for training and potentially sparring to look for a 12 14 or 16oz glove.

ok...What about my Legs!!!

Shin pads are great for protecting your shins from unsightly bumps and bruises along the way.

My Kru told me its time to try some sparring!

great! way to go lets get you geared up. 


                    Mouthpiece a must      Shinpads

           jock or jill           14oz or 16oz Gloves

  Headgear optional      elbow pads




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